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A Personal History:

Hi I’m Nick Carothers, a multi-instrumentalist, performer, and educator with a specialty in teaching guitar and bass guitar. 

I began studying music at the age of 7 with piano lessons, and later developed guitar skills by studying rock and metal in my teen years.  Since then, I’ve since studied several other genres including:  blues, jazz, funk, bluegrass, classical, pop, reggae, R&B and fingerstyle.

I further developed my knowledge of guitar techniques and music theory by studying with teachers including:  Jay Umble, Andy Alonso, John Catalano, Jim Miller, Paul Fitzsimmons, Eric Wirsing, Cliff Engel and more.  I’ve also expanded my knowledge of guitar and music with hundreds of instructional books, videos and online courses.  One of the things I find most interesting about studying music is there is no limit to exploration and no end to personal growth.

My stage experience includes playing guitar and/or bass guitar with central PA artists such as:  D-Bo, Mark Focazio Band, Jon Pyle & The Blacklight Syndicate, Zavala, Rivertown Review and more.  I’ve played local venues including:  Hollywood Casino, Club XL, Sawyers, Underground LIVE, Hershey Vineyard, Hershey Country Club, Champions Sports Grille, Market Cross Pub, Abbey Bar, River City Blues Club, Joe K’s Brewhouse, Tubby’s Nightclub, Fat Daddy’s, Blarney’s, Mr G’s, Flinchy’s, Gettysburg Wine Festival, Harrisburg Ice & Fire Festival, Artsfest, Kipona and more.

In addition to teaching, I’ve developed a series of educational products including a curriculum for parents to teach guitar at home (TeachYourKidsGuitar.com), as well as series of “easy songbooks” for guitar, ukulele, flute, recorder, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, violin and cello (MakeMusicEasy.com).  I also operate Kids Love Guitar lesson studios (KidsLoveGuitar.com) where my handpicked teachers have unprecedented success with children as young as four.

From all of my previous music and teaching experience, I’ve discovered that learning music can be fun and easy - when done right.  I’m happy to share my knowledge and help my students reach their goals, whether it’s to make music with friends, perform live in a band, or simply experience the joy of playing music at home.

-Nick Carothers

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